Retainer Service

Retainership Agreement and Services By Top Retainer Lawyers in Pune India:

Lawyers & Solicitors ( Law Sol India ) plays the role as retainer lawyers to the wide range of companies varying from start-ups to mid-sized firms to major companies.

It is often been observed that the clients prefer seeking retainer lawyers, so as to solicit their legal assistance in the case, right from its beginning to the conclusion. This service of a lawyer as retainership can be sought upon the payment of annual or monthly basis or as decided between the advocate and the client according to retainer agreement.

What is Retainer fee:

A retainer fee can also be fixed, pre-negotiated or be charged on an hourly rate depending upon the terms as discussed between the advocate and the client. The sole intention of the retainer fees is to ensure the payment in advance for the legal services to be rendered to the client in the future. In absence of the retainership agreement to the contrary, the retainer fee is refundable to the client on the subject of non-performance of the work.

What is Legal Retainer Agreement Practice:

The legal retainer agreement practice is limited only for a specific period of time and also restricted to certain nature. In retainer practice, there exists such an authority which can be either expressed in written or implied as found apparent to the advocate while pursuing the instructions from the client.

The client will be considered as responsible for and his act throughout the case. It means that the client will solely be accountable for the understanding of the issues involved in the case and the consequences likely to have amounted from such case arising from it. However, the client agrees to cooperate with the lawyer by complying with all the reasonable requests made in consideration of the matter, which is been assigned to the advocate or for the services which the client has requested.

How we have tailored retainer services for you:

Our firm takes into consideration the client’s requirements conducts drafting of agreements, contracts and deeds, conveyance and also provides advice on labor and employment issues been covered under the purview of law.

Why you should choose Law Sol India’s Retainership or Retainer lawyers:

Our retainership services are the best because our retainer lawyers undertake such legal assignments of providing the retainer law advocacy on the basis of fixed remuneration/fees depending on the appropriate resources and upon corporate legal requirements.

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