What is Real estate regulatory authority: RERA India:

Real estate regulatory authority act ( RERA India Act ) motive is to bring transparency and fair practices to protect the interest of buyers and provide a chance to real estate agent or agency to come up with better services for the buyers as well as to impose penalty on deviant builders.

Why RERA Has Imposed in India:

RERA has been imposed because of the leading complaints against the builder with respect to late possession of the property, quality of construction, irrelevant price hike, selling projects to investor without the approval.

Benefits of RERA India For real estate agents:

It is an opportunity to show their work and providing better service with more transparency. We provide assistance to the real estate agents in building up their image in the market and also assist them in providing quality service to its buyer.

Advantages of RERA For buyers:

Government plan of RERA will help the buyer from fearing the loss of non-delivery of services from promoter as well as real estate agents. We help in preventing buyers from exploiting. We guide them tothe best path for prevention of such exploitation.

Benefits of RERA For promoters:

Promoters also called as builders. Earlier promoter used to indulge in unfair methods to gain approval from government to get a place for people to live, now they don’t have to seek for those unfair methods. Guiding promoters to the path of success is what we do.

How we can Help you with RERA Services:

Although RERA is easily understandable to people, all the provisions and rules must be thoroughly followed to avoid unnecessary restraint during the course of business. Act also defines penalty for non-performance of certain things, which might also lead to imprisonment. We can fulfil your requirements and avoid the circumstances leading to penalty.

RERA Registration For Agents:

It is now compulsory for the agent to get himself registered with respect to RERA. Only if he is registered with RERA, he can sell or advertise the property. Government has two options, either register or reject the application.

RERA Registration For Promoters:

Builders have to make an application for getting themselves registered with RERA. After registration, RERA will keep the past record of the promoter. Promoter now have to give the buyer each and every documents that buyer should be having during the course of agreement.

Project Registration:

  • If a project has been completed and completion certificate has been issued as on the date of commencement of the act, does not requires any registration with the RERA.
  • If a project is completed and completion certificate is pending as on the date of commencement of the real estate act , will require registration to be done within 3 months.
  • All the ongoing projects will require registration with RERA within a period of 3 months.

Why Lawyers and solicitors as a RERA Consultant / Advisor Provides Best Services:

We offer best compliance services to buyers, promoters and real estate agents with respect to new RERA in Pune India. We have thoroughly researched on the RERA rules bookprovided by the government. Our firm has already been providing with services related to real estate from last many years to our precious clients and have successfully delivered best advice and solutions in a very short span of time. Our expert lawyers have all the solution to your problems with respect to the real estate infrastructure and project finance.

Hence to achieve what you desire for, RERA has to be followed accordingly, as to avoid unreasonable delay and burden in your real estate business. We have formed a team of lawyers which are committed to this specific field of law. Contact us for legal assistance with respect to agent registration or promoter registration, RERA registration number, and everything related to real estate.

We provide high quality RERA advice and services at an affordable rate. To know more contact here or call us on +91 9860 312 403

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