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Lawyers & Solicitors ( Law Sol India ) practices in the realm of Infrastructure and Project Finance. This includes Aviation, Marine law, Mega Projects, Oil and Gas, Power, Railways, Roads and Highways, Telecommunication law, Transport, Urban Planning, Waste management, Water resources.

What is Infrastructure and Project finance:

Infrastructure is one of the important factors on which the economic growth of a country is dependent on. Thus, the infrastructure can facilitate the development of India. In any infrastructure projects, the idea of finance lies at the central core of that particular project. There exist a plethora of financial options and to select the optimum option amongst all such others is a herculean task in view of the available resources and costing. Eventually, there subsist responsibilities relating to project documentation especially for EPC contracts, EPCM contracts, analysis involving bids, agreements relating to the purchase and utilization of resources.

Also, there are numerous regulatory complications involved in the implementation of such projects including sector specific regulatory laws apart from the laws such as Environment and labor. Such legal complications should be dealt with practically possible legal solutions.

How our Project Finance Lawyer assists you:

Our firm negotiates contracts, conduct surveys, and due diligence, prepare construction related agreements, procure permits and licenses from governmental, semi-governmental authorities/bodies and undertakings. We assist our clients in acquiring and developing properties, both commercial and residential projects. Subsequently, we help them in the drafting of concessionaire agreements, documentation of EPCM contracts, EPC contracts including bank guarantees, performance bonds and green onds, onsultancy agreements, work orders and purchase orders and Letter of Intentetc. we also manages the legal assistance in regulatory and compliances of projects concerning; Build, own and operate (BOO), Build, operate and transfer (BOT), Built, lease and transfer (BLT) or Build, operate, lease and transfer (BOLT) basis.

Why Lawyers and solicitors ( Law Sol India ) is one of the Top Project Finance Law Firms:

The firm has been a legal advisor to many projects and clients including designers, architects, contractors, and ub-contractors. We also represents real estate and construction companies, both residential and commercial. We are the best, so we deliver the best.

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