NRI Legal Services

Lawyers & Solicitors Provides NRI Property Management and NRI Legal Services

We are one of the best law firms in Pune India for all legal matters of NRI’s, Our object and purpose is to provide effective and seamless NRI legal services. As we all know that most of the NRI facing issues related to property in India and their absence neglect property disputes so they travel to India frequently for this matters which will be very hectic and costly process for them.

Lawyers & Solicitors (Law Sol India) a firm which has a group of expert lawyers for NRI’s in especially practice in the field of NRI property management and family law matters.

How we Provide NRI Legal Services:

We provide one stop solution to our NRI clients for all their legal matters.

Some of the Important Matters are:

Property Search:

Property/Title search is most important as the client must know the background of the property before investing their money. Search report helps them to know whether property title is clear or not. Title search where we search details like property ownership, Owner & co-owner name, description of the property with the exact area and current valuation, extract 7/12 and mutation entries verify the same etc.

Transfer of Property:

Transfer of property where rights of ownership transfer from one person to another. The property should be in owners name for the clear marketable title to reduce the chances of fraud. The transfer may be by way of Gift deed, sale deed, lease deed, exchange etc.

Partition of Property:

Our property lawyers for NRI fill a partition suit on behalf of a client for claim rights on the ancestral or joint property which could be land, commercial shop, office or flat.

Property Disputes:

Disputes like claiming inheritant property, Landlord-Tenant disputes, Ancestral property disputes etc.

Making a Will:

Will, a legal document where a person declares how he wants to divide or distribute his wealth and assets after his death. Our legal property advisors provide will drafting and registration services to NRI’s.

Succession certificate:

Succession certificate is needed when somebody receives/inherits movable or immovable property. We file succession certificate to make NRI client feel comfortable and easy in claiming his rights over movable or immovable property. We need to apply for succession certificate in civil court.

Power of Attorney:

POA (Power of Attorney) a legal document through which a person can transfer some specific power or authority to represent, make legal binding or take financial decisions on his/her behalf. Lawyers & Solicitors provide POA drafting and registration service.

Matrimonial disputes:

Disputes like divorce, child custody etc. We resolve all kind of matrimonial disputes

Criminal Litigation:

Most of the NRI’s face wrongful charges and undue litigation problem which makes them offender. We, Lawyers & Solicitors, help them in recover or restore their right by representing them in court or other authority

Matter against builders:

Many NRI invest their money in India by purchasing a flat/apartment or shop from builder/developer but they face a problem like a delay completion, incomplete or poor quality work etc. We protect the interest of NRI from such matters.

Why you choose Lawyers & Solicitors for NRI Property Management Services?

Our NRI legal consultants 2ake special attention in your matters as we understand what kind of problem you face. Lawyers and Solicitors, a law firm which has a group of lawyers and each lawyer are best in their practicing field. Some lawyers are exclusively working on NRI matters and they try their best to resolve client query and matters as earliest as possible.

What are the acts which are primarily concerned with NRI legal matters?

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