Divorce Lawyers

Our Divorce Lawyers Provide following Services in Pune:

  • Drafting and petition relating to other family related issues like judicial separation, partition of property etc
  • Resolution of cases arising out of domestic violence and dowry harassment
  • Divorce proceedings, both mutual as well as unilateral which includes drafting and representation both before the concerned courts and appeals arising thereof
  • Child custody, paternity issues etc.

Why you choose us Divorce Lawyers in Pune to Resolve Matters?

A Divorce is most disturbing incident for any couple, Even couples that mutually agree to the divorce must prove that they have been separated for a year before the courts consider their plea but divorce.

What is Divorce Law in India?

Divorce means when a marriage legally dissolved by a court or any competent authority whether a marriage solemnized on or before commencement of Hindu Marriage Act.

Religions like Hindu consider their marriage as unbroken bond. Prior to the Acts made by the legislation or executive, there were no such provisions for divorce. The concept of divorce or termination of the relationship wasn’t even in the mind of people at that time. The woman was treated as a slave all lifelong. But time has changed, the situation has changed, now the woman is treated with more respect. There are courts now to set free woman or man from an unpleasant marriage. Under Divorce law petition for divorce can be filed either by husband or wife.

Grounds on which Divorce can be taken

Divorce can be filed either with the mutual consent or without mutual consent. When a divorce file without mutual consent then grounds on which petition can be made will be Cruelty, Adultery, Desertion, Conversion, Mental disorder, Not heard alive for seven years etc.

Child Custody during Divorce proceedings

The Most important question arise during divorce proceedings is custody, education, and maintenance of a child, this matter affects the children and parents emotionally. The courts for Matrimonials have the power to decide and pass order relating to custody, education, and maintenance of child and such orders can be modified, revoked or changed. There is a various act which deals with custody of child like Sec 26 of Hindu Marriage Act 1955, Sec. 38 of Special Marriage Act 1954, Sec. 41 - 43 of Divorce Act, 1869 etc

How our divorce Advocates make divorce property settlement?

In Divorce matters, if you or your spouse owns the property then you have the right to occupy the property. While the property may be granted to one or the other spouse in the divorce settlement, until this is done, both spouses have the right to remain on the property

As per the latest amendment, in divorce case property division should be done in equal ratio. Earlier, the property acquired after the marriage was subject to division. The wife is entitled to get back all the property which she brought during the commencement of marriage. Also if the house in which they resided is in the name of the husband then that house will also be subject to equal division. The property may be acquired by the husband before or after the marriage, but it will be subject to equal division as per the new position of law. The property like mutual funds, some business ventures, etc. are also a part of the division under this.

What are the acts which are primarily concerned with Divorce?

  • Divorce Act, 1869
  • Marriage Laws (Amendment) Act, 2003
  • Hindu marriage Act 1955
  • Special Marriage Act, 1954
  • Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961
  • Family Court Act, 1984
  • Guardians and Wards Act, 1890
  • Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956

Which are without mutual consent are very painful for the spouse as they facing a problem like cruelty, adultery etc.

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