Lawyers and Solicitors (Law Sol India) Provides Dispute Resolution Services:

The dispute resolution law firms practices arbitration across the jurisdiction in India and has become a pioneer in Dispute Resolution Services: Alternative Methods ( ADR Methods ); Arbitration involving treaties, investment issues, commercial disputes. The firm represents its clients before regulatory forums, tribunals, trial courts including civil and criminal side and also in appellate bodies.

What is Dispute Resolution Law:

Dispute resolution Law is a combination of various methods or processes used in resolving disputes between parties regarding any offenses relating to the public utility, deficiency in products or services, breach of terms and conditions arising or owing to the failure of any contractual obligations. The parties can benefit from Dispute resolution methods by mutually consenting to enter into such settlement and subsequently reaching a compromise on terms mutually beneficial to both the parties.

What are the Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods ( ADR Methods ), We provide:

Dispute Resolution generally includes methods such as Arbitration, Conciliation, and Mediation. These methods are a better alternative to litigation process and thus proven as economical, time-saving and comparatively inexpensive methods of access to secure justice.

Our Resolution Law Solicitors believe in Alternative Dispute Resolution Services ( ADR Services ) as an amiable method of settlement of disputes and thus lay it as an alternative option to avoid litigation if possible. Our team undertakes practice in all the methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution viz. Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation and has been successful in resolving many industrial disputes and matters pertaining to consumer affairs and public utilities.

Who are Arbiters, Mediators and Conciliators?

The parties referring the dispute to a panel of one or more persons are known as arbitrators or arbiters in arbitration. Similarly, in the mediation process, they are known as mediators and in process of conciliation, they are known as conciliators. The panel always works in an impartial and independent manner.

Why our Dispute Resolution Services are the best?

The firm is best in applying alternative dispute resolution methods ( ADR techniques ) as an alternative to the commercial and legal disputes and thus it always applies out of the box strategies for resolving the various disputes via arbitration, mediation, and conciliation.

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