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We are One of the Top Corporate ( Business ) Law Firms in Pune India:

Our corporate lawyers ensure the legality of your every commercial transaction advising you on each and every legal transaction including your corporate rights and duties.

Our Corporate law firms in Pune India practice also within its ambit, the anti-dumping, anti-trust and competition, bankruptcy, capital markets and securities, corporate and commercial contracts, corporate restructuring, divestment, franchising, Incorporation of companies and its winding-up, Investment law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate restructuring and Cross-border transactions and is not only restricted to contract law, taxation, accounting, intellectual property rights, licensing, regulatory compliances in its sphere.

What include in Corporate Law Services:

Corporate law services also sometimes regarded as company law or corporations’ law deals with all the commercial affairs of a company. Within its ambit, comes the role and responsibilities of directors, shareholders, creditors, employees and also the stakeholders including the consumer community to some extent. Within its sphere, is also included the study of inter alia Indian Contract Act, Indian Partnership Act, Indian Registration Act, Foreign Exchange Management Act. Under the Company formation law, a Private Limited Company, Public Company, Sole Proprietorship, One Person Company, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) are also considered as legal entities.

Companies are accorded the status of artificial persons created by operation of law and can act only through human agents, thus there subsisting a relationship of an agency in a company.

How our Corporate Law Consultant help you with Legal solutions:

Our corporate law advisor provides corporate law services consist of providing you the framework of solutions to your every legal problem. With a strong network of our partners and associates, we are also able to provide and procure services relating to taxes, escrow accounts, due diligence and inter-allied services.

Why Law Sol India is the best for corporate legal services:

Our corporate lawyer conducts due diligence, documentation review and provides corporate secretarial and accounts services. The firm believes that a client’s requirement isn’t merely a one-time task but a long term relationship of mutual trust and understanding.

Our main focus lies on structuring transactions, drafting of contracts and agreements, negotiations and conducting/arranging meetings for the same.

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